​About Us​

The Olaya Group creates, enables and invests in innovation-based products, greenfield projects, and brownfield restructurings, turnarounds and expansion opportunities in the industrial, resources, and property sectors in the countries comprising the Arab League (with special focus on the GCC). We selectively target outperforming project and innovation​ opportunities that are aligned with, and add value to, state-sponsored economic transformation initiatives and strategi​es that are prioritized in the region.​​

As we share the risk and reward with founders and innovators, value creation and value protection is core to our service model, and each dimension ​within the Olaya Group are integrated within this value proposition. It is within this framework that we incubate, nurture and develop projects and innovations throughout their natural lifecycle from concept through to monetization while identifying, managing and mitigating qualitative and quantitative risks against return outperformance.

​Olaya Value Chain

The Olaya Group partners with founders and innovators across three dimensions in the project and innovation lifecycle: Create, Enable and Invest. Within each dimension, each tactical gate and critical milestone is strategically aligned with the value proposition ensuring that we maintain a holistic but risk-adjusted 360 degree view of the development - collectively, ​​this is the Olaya Value Chain. It allows our value engineers to fully understand and grow with the project or innovation from day one - the Olaya Value Chain has greater effect the earlier that we are engaged.