​Olaya Capital

Olaya Capital is global alternative investment firm employing investment and advisory capabilities across private markets with special focus on those markets located in the countries comprising the Arab League (with special focus on the GCC).​


Olaya Capital seeks to structure all financial products in a sharia-compliant manner as a priority over conventional finance.


Olaya Capital specializes in collective and dedicated investments in alternative investments including structured credit and private equity across the resources, industrial and property sectors and extends to bespoke structured solutions an​d advisory. Olaya Capital endeavours to achieve diversified returns across all market conditions.


The Structured Credit Group structures bespoke wrappings in the form of debt and hybrid instruments​ for diversified credit opportunities in medium-large sized companies.


The Private Equity Group specializes in emerging private equity opportunities in sectors prioritized by governments within countries comprising the Gulf Cooperation Council and leverages both the client and broader network of local strategic partners to enhance the value of investee companies.


The Property Group primarily focuses on opportunities extending to value-added and opportunistic property investments in targeted markets employing structured finance solutions.​


The Hybrid Products Group primarily focuses on employing algorithmic models based on extensive statistical research across international futures markets including equity indices, energy, currencies, metals and commodities. Olaya Capital may further tailor volatility and returns, and incorporate capital protection on a bespoke basis in accordance with certain risk appetites and risk budgets.


The Structured Solutions & Advisory Group focuses on bespoke valuation and risk advisory including alternative financing and capital market strategies in managing financial risks emanating from underlying pricing sensitivities with the objective of implementing bespoke strategic and tactical hedging, and yield-enhancing opportunities.