​Olaya Engineering

Olaya Engineering is a boutique engineering firm supporting specific projects being developed or sponsored by the Olaya​ Group​​​ of companies. Olaya Engineering enters into fabrication, services, joint venture or representation agreements with leading international engineering firms for specific purposes.


Olaya E​ngin​eering focuses on specialty made-to-order high-end fabrication contracts. Olaya Engineering's strength lies in its team of internationally experienced industrial, mechanical, electrical, structural and automotive-control engineers to deliver:

  • Design-to-specification
  • Pre-fabrication computer simulation
  • Sample testing and quality assurance
  • Specialized equipment deployment

Olaya Engineering can assist international partners by fabricating their non-core components allowing greater focus on core business internationally or inbound into the countries comprising the Gulf Cooperation Council. In doing so, Olaya Engineering increases the delivery of local content for international partners often necessary in the regional market. Olaya Engineering ​can either work within any arrangement with international partners to assure quality standards are delivered in accordance with the lead contract. Olaya Engineering adopts internationally recognized design standards incorporating the latest equipment and process and ensures that all engineers are certified.



Olaya Engineering focuses on highly skilled services which are largely know-how based services.  With a dedicated team of internationally experienced engineers, Olaya Engineering partners with international specialty firms to deliver local content to the largest industrial firms in the region.


Olaya Engineering focuses on two important aspects of project management:

  • Traditional project management
  • Engineering support services

Along with the traditional elements of project planning, scheduling, cost control, document control, and construction and procurement supervision, Olaya Engineering provides engineering support services to the lead engineering firm for projects under development including​ local sourcing, cost estimation and valuation against specifications, assurance and compliance with local codes, and local site conditions.