​Olaya Outsourcing

Olaya Outsourcing measures and communicates to stakeholders the value proposition in an effective and efficient manner having developed best practice frameworks and platforms based on leading technologies against the backdrop of cutting-edge management science theories in the following areas:

  • Governance, Risk & Compliance
  • Performance
  • Administration
  • Technology
  • Business Intelligence

Philosophy & Approach

Olaya Outsourcing seeks to understand the core business of the entity or project in reference to the relevant stage of its development. By identifying the nature of front-facing business transactions and the associated risks they create, Olaya Outsourcing tailors the corporate frameworks as adapted from its best practice frameworks, platforms and models across the spectrum of non-core business activities.

The key to a successful implementation is data structure conformity through integrated data mapping and warehousing. This allows Olaya Outsourcing to choose best-in-class technologies and applications which have been designed for unique business transactions that the entity or projects conduct.

Olaya Outsourcing considers that a project shall transition into a fully operating entity and therefore any implementation of a framework for projects should be in compliance with, and transition to, the strategic framework from day one of operations. Certain elements of a framework need not be implemented until later stages of the project. However those elements that require adoption at early stages in the project need to drawn from the strategic framework to ensure an efficient and effective transition to day one operations.