​Olaya Property


Olaya Property is a global property developer and adviser to core, value-added and opportunistic property projects wit​h special focus on property projects​​​ located in the countries comprising the Arab League. Our experience spans from project concept, development, funding and execution through to handover, and we specialize in the following sectors:

  • ​​​​Value-added real esta​te
  • Specialty retail
  • Hotels and​ resorts
  • Medical facilities
  • Senior/assisted care housing
  • Storage
  • Low income housing
  • Opportunistic real estate
  • Speculative development
  • Undeveloped land


Olaya Property does not act as a consultant - we partner with project founders. Project founders engage Olaya Property to lead and be fully respons​i​ble for conceptualizing, stra​tegizing, developing and managing a property project throughout its natural lifecycle and to deliver two critical milestones - funding and handover. Olaya Property maintains a core multi-disciplinary team of value engineers including senior property specialists, engineers, project managers, lawyers, accountants, risk and finance professionals and investment bankers who are experienced in all facets of project development, restructurings, turnarounds and expansions.


Olaya Property advises and leads on strategic value maximization alternatives on sale, on a stand-alone basis or through portfolio repositioning, and specializes in the following:

Asset & Portfolio Advisory

  • Assessing individual assets within a portfolio and deriving a strategic plan for each undertaking a peer-group market assessment
  • Considering and project managing physical improvements required to enhance asset value
  • Considering and implementing alternatives to enhance the value and marketability of the assets undertaking planning initiatives to enhance value
  • Assessing sustainability measures satisfying market expectations and green ratings
  • Considering alternative exit strategies

Marketing Advisory

  • Undertaking a tender selection process of sales agents
  • Negotiating sales agency fees
  • Reviewing and selecting an appropriate marketing agency
  • Appointing and coordinating with appropriate professional consultants and advisers

Contract Negotiations & Settlement​

  • ​Short-listing potential buyers
  • Negotiating optimal pricing and terms and conditions
  • Ensuring sale conditions are satisfied and completed
  • Enforcing buyer conditional performance under due diligence through ​to settlement
  • Ensuring settlement reconciliation and distribution of proceeds
  • Ensuring completion of outstanding accounting and tax issues
  • Strategizing optimal foreign exchange transactions
  • Winding down corporate structures as required